Catherine Langa

BIA Insolvency Counsellor & Insolvency Administrator



T: (604) 605-6389

Catherine Langa

Catherine began her insolvency career in 2009, accumulating extensive expertise in bankruptcy and consumer proposal processes. She has consistently supported clients through every phase of their financial challenges.

Holding certifications as an Insolvency Counsellor and having successfully completed the Insolvency Administration Course, Catherine is well-equipped to provide comprehensive guidance and solutions. She is a dedicated team member who meticulously reviews consumer proposal and bankruptcy files to ensure every detail is in place for a seamless process for our clients from start to finish.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Catherine finds joy in spending quality time with her family, particularly enjoying camping adventures and exploring a variety of parks and playgrounds with her two children during the summer months. These experiences not only enrich her personal life but also provide a balanced perspective that enhances her professional approach.