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If you’re struggling with financial difficulties, it can feel frustrating
and overwhelming. You don’t have to face your creditors alone.

Since 1980, the Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Smythe Insolvency have helped individuals, families, and small businesses negotiate with their creditors to get a fresh financial start.

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Smythe Insolvency’s Victoria, BC office is conveniently located in the Paramount Executive Centre at 848 Courtney Street, Suite #300. Our downtown location is easy to access by several main bus routes for those travelling into the city from surrounding areas. We’re open by appointment only. Contact our Licensed Insolvency Trustees via phone or by using the form found below to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation and get started on the road to financial freedom today!

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Debt Solutions

When it comes to eliminating debt and negotiating with creditors, there is no “one-size-fits-all” debt solution that works for every individual, family, or business. Smythe Insolvency would be happy to assist you with exploring all of your options and preparing the necessary paperwork if you decide to move forward.

Consumer Proposals

Not all clients may need to file a bankruptcy. For some, a consumer proposal may be the most effective debt relief solution. Consumer proposals allow you to keep your assets and prevent legal actions, wage garnishments, and collection calls from your creditors. Consumer proposals are legal agreements negotiated with your creditors, which can include debts with the Canada Revenue Agency, ICBC, and student loans. Speak with one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees today to see if you qualify for a consumer proposal.

Bankruptcy (Personal & Corporate)

For many individuals and families, opting for personal bankruptcy provides an effective way to clear their debts and concentrate on what lies ahead. Much like a consumer proposal, bankruptcy permits you to retain certain assets while also providing protection from your creditors. You will need to provide monthly payments to your trustee, calculated according to your earnings and family size.

Small Business Solutions

From self-employed small business owners to corporations, we have assisted many types of businesses over the years with small business solutions. Small business owners may be eligible for consumer proposals and bankruptcy options to help them eliminate debt, liquidate business assets, and achieve their financial goals. Talk to us today to explore your options and their impact on your business.



Unexpected job loss, divorce, and other unforeseen circumstances sometimes make it difficult for many people to pay their debts on time. 

If you’ve found yourself in an overwhelming situation with a burden of debt, know that you have rights and debt solutions designed to help you get back on track. You have plenty of options, from consumer proposals to a corporate or personal bankruptcy, you have plenty of options. 

With help from the Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Smythe Insolvency, you’re guaranteed to receive the best possible advice based on your specific circumstances. We strive to ensure your rights, as well as those of your creditors, are respected.

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