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If you’re struggling with financial difficulties, it can feel frustrating and overwhelming. You don’t have to face your creditors alone.

Since 1980, the Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Smythe Insolvency have helped individuals, families, and small businesses negotiate with their creditors to get a fresh financial start.

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Our Office Is Just Blocks Away From Duncan’s City Hall

Our Duncan, BC office is located just blocks away from City Hall, in between Jubilee Street and Boundary Road, and across the street from the United Church. Situated in the Investor’s Group building at 103 – 255 Ingram Street, we have ample parking out front and are located along several bus routes for your convenience. Contact us today via phone or the form below to request a free, no-obligation initial consultation with our Licensed Insolvency Trustees and get started on building a debt-free future!

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Comprehensive Debt Solutions From Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Duncan are determined to provide debt solutions that are right for your situation. You can rely on us for trusted professional advice.

Consumer Proposals

Many Canadians seeking alternatives to bankruptcy have discovered the advantages of consumer proposals. If you owe less than $250,000 in debt and have a steady income, you may be eligible. Consumer proposals allow you to negotiate an affordable monthly payment with creditors while enabling you to keep your assets. All collection activity, including wage garnishments, is stopped. Talk to one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees today to determine if a consumer proposal is right for you.

Bankruptcy (Personal & Corporate)

Anyone with more than $1,000 in unsecured debt may file personal bankruptcy. Bankruptcy allows individuals and small businesses the opportunity to eliminate debts and look ahead to a brighter future. Immediately upon filing, you stop all collection calls, wage garnishments, and other legal actions. You will be able to keep certain exempt assets and your GST credits, but you will be required to surrender your tax return for the year you filed.

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Small Business Solutions

Running a business isn’t easy. If it feels like you’re struggling with financial difficulties, you may be eligible to file a consumer proposal or corporate bankruptcy to eliminate your debt. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees offer small business solutions tailored to the needs of Duncan business owners.


Get Started on a Debt-Free Future With Smythe Insolvency

Do you often feel anxious about your financial future? Statistics show many hard-working Canadians struggle with debt.

Since 1980, Smythe Insolvency has helped individuals, families, and small business owners seeking debt relief in Duncan, BC and many surrounding areas.

We tailor our debt solutions to your situation, from personal and corporate bankruptcies to consumer proposals and debt consolidation.