Overcoming Substance Abuse and Debt – Derrick’s Story

derrick story

Derrick is a 32-year old, father of two who has struggled with substance abuse since the age of 13. After making the decision to get help, Derrick is now two years sober but unfortunately, his drug addiction resulted in substantial periods of unemployment, unpaid child support payments, crippling credit card debt and more than 15 calls a day from creditors. Derrick was overwhelmed by the toll his past had taken on his finances, but it took him over two years to reach out for help because of fear of judgement for his past mistakes.

When he finally made the call to one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees, he was relieved to find that there was absolutely no judgement and he instead found hope for his financial future. We were quick to assure him that the past is the past and our focus is on his future and helping him get a fresh start.

Our Trustee carefully reviewed all of Derrick’s options with him and they decided that filing for personal bankruptcy was his best option to eliminate his debts. After just nine months, Derrick fulfilled all the obligations required when filing for bankruptcy and he’s now debt-free, clean and sober and enjoying the brand new life that he’s worked so hard for.

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