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At Smythe Insolvency our main goal is to provide you with all the resources and support you need to achieve a debt-free future. Below we have provided a number of resources, questionnaires and forms that may be useful to you.

Smythe Insolvency Forms

Smythe Application Form

This document provides the trustee with the information needed to prepare the legal documents for either a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, and will avoid delays in processing. Take notice of the last page which is a checklist of all the documentation the trustee needs. Please complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability and bring it with you to your initial consultation.

Counselling in Insolvency Matters – First Stage

Counselling in Insolvency Matters – Second Stage

You are required to attend two counselling sessions throughout the course of your bankruptcy or consumer proposal. These counselling sessions are intended to assist and educate on good financial management, developing successful strategies for achieving financial goals and overcoming financial set-backs.

Request your Free Credit Report

We all know how crucial credit is for our financial future, therefore it is important you know just what your credit score is so there are no surprises. Become an expert of your own credit situation using the credit report request forms below for both Equifax and TransUnion:

Trans Union Credit Report Request Form

Equifax Credit Report Request Form

Smythe Credit Rebuilding Information Sheet

Income & Expense Reports

These helpful forms can be used to calculate your monthly income and expenses for budgeting purposes, or to report your income and expenses to the Trustee as part of your personal bankruptcy process:

Income & Expense Report

Income and expense reports are required to be filed for the duration of your bankruptcy. If you have filed a consumer proposal, feel free to utilize this form to track your expenses for budgeting purposes.

Income & Expense Report (Self-employed)

Self-employed individuals who are bankrupt are required to use these forms in addition to the above form to report their gross business revenues and business expenses to arrive at their net self-employed income. This form can also be used to prepare year-to-date gross revenue and expense information for your trustee to prepare the pre-bankruptcy income tax return.If you are not currently in bankruptcy, this form can be utilized to keep yourself organized when it comes to your business income and expenses.

Other Forms

Request for Communication in Writing Only from a Debt Collector

The Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act (BPCPA) allows you to notify a collection agency to let them know that you wish to communicate with them in writing only. Keep in mind that this only stops the calls, it does not stop any other enforcement rights the collection agency may have to collect the debt and it will not stop a collection agency from commencing legal action should it get to that point. Use the form above if you wish to be communicated to in writing only.


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