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Call for a Fresh Financial Start
Call for a Fresh Financial Start

Financial Literacy Month 2021 – Make Change That Counts!

November 1, 2021

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Financial Literacy Month (FLM) is an educational initiative in Canada that empowers individuals and families to strengthen their financial literacy and aims to put them on a path towards lifelong learning and economic success. Financial literacy is critical in achieving financial security and the goal of Financial Literacy Month is to help people gain confidence by providing access to tools and programs that can increase financial skills and knowledge for the digital age.

Financial Literacy Month

This year, Financial Literacy Month’s focus is on the importance of building financial resilience in challenging times and a digital economy. The campaign theme – Make Change That Counts! – aligns with the theme of the National Financial Literacy Strategy and its call to action to make changes to the financial ecosystem, to ensure it is accessible, inclusive, and effective for all Canadians.

Here’s this year’s FLM line-up, highlighting key areas of learning proven to help Canadians build their financial resilience:

Week 1: Managing expenses to keep up with bills and credit commitments

Week 2: Managing debt to feel in control of your overall debt situation

Week 3: Managing savings to prepare for financial shocks and unexpected expenses, and achieve your financial goals

Week 4: Navigating the financial marketplace with knowledge and confidence

Financial Literacy Month gives us all an opportunity to take an honest look at our financial situation and reflect on the insight (or lack thereof) we have into our personal finances. The different topics focused on throughout the month give us a chance to improve, learn and grow moving forward, one topic at a time.

First up is Managing Expenses! Click here to read our top tips to help you keep up with bills and stay on track with your finances.

You can also check out Canada’s Financial Literacy blog where they’ll be featuring guest contributors during the month of November in support of Financial Literacy Month. 

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