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Feeding a Family of Five for $150 a Week

May 10, 2017

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In case you’re shaking your head after reading the title of this week’s blog, we are here to inform you that feeding your family of five for $150 a week is possible. Even more importantly, this weekly plan emphasizes healthy eating and nutritious meals.

Grocery Shopping for Family

If you find yourself short on cash and are noticing that you’re spending too much on your monthly grocery bill, this blog is for you!

The 2018 Canada Food Price Report anticipates the cost of food in Canada to increase above the acceptable inflation rate, with the highest increases to be seen in British Columbia and Ontario. With that in mind, many of us find ourselves looking for ways to cut costs while still providing our busy families with quick, healthy meals.

When feeding a family, one of the most arduous and time-consuming parts of this endeavor can be the planning. This usually includes foraging your fridge and cupboards to see what you have, sitting down and creating a meal plan for each day of the week and then compiling all this information to form your master grocery list. Remember, the best way to stick to your budget is to plan ahead and adhere to your meal plan as closely as possible.

By planning your meals for each day, you are taking away the possibility of buying groceries you don’t need and buying groceries that cost more than your budget allows.

Tip: Try using a calendar template like the one below (click here to download) and add in your meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. To help you get started, we have put together a typical week of meals for you (based on two adults and three school-aged children):

To follow this meal plan, we’ve created a master grocery list and have categorized by department (click here to download):

Once you have your grocery list, you have two options:

  1. Head to the grocery store
  2. Grocery shop online

While the first option has its benefits, and might be an excuse to get out of the house, shopping online can help prevent you from making impulse purchases which makes you more likely to stick to your meal plan. With the second option, you can typically choose between pick-up or delivery. You can be confident that the grocery store will choose the best quality produce and ingredients as if you were shopping for yourself.

To ensure our meal plan above stuck to the $150 budget, we gave it a try! Using a local discount grocery store’s website, we added all items to our shopping cart and arrived at a total of $150.89 – right on budget! Something to keep in mind is that there will be quite a few items that will carry over into the following week’s meal plan.

There you have it, a tried and true way to feed your family of five (or less) with just $150 a week. Don’t be afraid to try out other inexpensive meals to mix it up week to week, especially if your tastes are different than ours. Bon appetite!

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