COVID 19 Service Update: All debt consultations and meetings will continue to take place remotely. Our team is fully equipped to administer consumer proposals and bankruptcies virtually via phone, email and video.

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Credit Rebuilding

What happens to your credit rating when you file bankruptcy or consumer proposal?  How can you rebuild your credit score after completing a bankruptcy or consumer proposal?

Consumer Proposals

What is a consumer proposal and how can this option help me get a fresh financial start and keep my assets?

Personal Bankruptcy

What is bankruptcy?  How can bankruptcy help me get protection from my creditors, provide a fresh financial start and obtain financial counselling to secure my future?

Dealing with Financial Difficulties

Ideas on how to deal with your financial difficulties including making a budget, obtaining a consolidation loan or talking to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee about options including a bankruptcy or consumer proposal filing in order to obtain a fresh financial start.

Dealing with a Collection Agency

Find out what a collection agency can and cannot do and what your rights are.

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